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A multi-jurisdictional drug and violent crime task force integrates local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies and prosecutors for the purpose of facilitating investigations, enhancing interagency coordination, and sharing intelligence in multiple jurisdictions. The goal of the task forces is to reduce the local availability of illegal drugs and assist in the investigation of violent crimes.

Drug and violent crime task forces provide additional manpower and equipment to local law enforcement agencies to investigate drug and drug related violent crime. Often, local law enforcement can not afford to assign the personnel needed to investigate major crimes.

The District 23 task force is one of twenty six task forces across the state of Oklahoma. The investigators in our task force investigate crimes in Pottawatomie and Lincoln Counties. Investigators often work cases in other counties that could have an impact on criminal activity in the 23rd judicial district.

This tip line is monitored by a Task Force Agent.
(405) 878-5520
Tip Line
331 N. Broadway Shawnee, Oklahoma 74801 Phone: (405) 275-6878
Court House Contacts
Pottawatomie County Assessor
Troyce King (405) 275-4740

Pottawatomie County Clerk
Nancy Bryce (405) 273-8222

Pottawatomie County Court Clerk
Reta Head (405) 273-3624

Pottawatomie County Sheriff Michael Booth  (405) 273-1727

Pottawatomie County Treasurer
Michelle Pecore (405) 273-0213

Pottawatomie County Community Service Program (405) 878-5527

Pottawatomie County Public Safety Center
(405) 273-0043 x 124 Booking

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Pseudoephedrine and Methamphetamine Labs Pseudoephedrine, found in most cold medicines, is a core ingredient in making methamphetamine. In an effort to control the prolific methamphetamine problem in Oklahoma, Oklahoma was first in the nation to pass legislation which identified pseudoephedrine as a Schedule V controlled dangerous substance. Since April 2004, Oklahoma statute's requires that all pseudoephedrine products be dispensed by a licensed pharmacist or pharmacy technician. Liquid preparations and liquid filled gel caps are exempt and may be sold in retail stores.

Customers are limited to nine grams of pseudoephedrine during any 30-day period. Customers must sign a log which lists the date and amount purchased. This restriction has made an enormous impact on the number of clandestine methamphetamine labs seizures in Oklahoma. It has also impacted the local availability of methamphetamine. Because of the lack of availability of pseudoephedrine, one of the essential ingredients in methamphetamine, Oklahoma has experienced an 88% statewide drop in meth lab seizures from April 2004 to May 2004.

Drug task force investigators receive specialized training which allows them to investigate, collect evidence, and dismantle clandestine methamphetamine labs. The labs are generally poorly ventilated, volatile, and contain incompatible chemicals and solvents that are often stored in unmarked containers.

Drug task force investigators receive hazardous materials training and equipment that allows them to safely carry out the needed dismantling activities. Investigators use air monitors, self-contained breathing apparatuses (SCBA), protective suits, and respirators to protect themselves from the unknown conditions within the clandestine lab.
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